What are Diadragons?

Diadragons are new type of collectible digital art called NFTs.
You can learn more about NFTs in our blog section.
The most important thing to know is that the Diadragon Team is working to build a web-3 solution for donating funds for insulin directly to individuals, at scale.

Because this project will take time, we built Diadragons to show that there is community interest in this solution. 60% of Diadragon sales will go towards the community to reward them for showing their support in the project.
30% of sales will go towards an insulin and supply giveaway called a Life Drop.
30% of sales will go towards other giveaways and community rewards.

These will be given away based on challenges to spread awareness and education throughout the year.

Learn More About The Challenges and Mission!
  • Our unique collectible pieces of art are not only adorable, but educational.

    Each Diadragon is holding something related to diabetes. This Diadragon a tribute to Frederick Banting, one of the four people who invented insulin therapy 100 years ago. He's holding the insulin patent with a $1 price tag. 

  • This art is a little more subtle.

    It's a Game of Thrones' parody showcasing a throne of insulin syringes instead of a throne of swords. It is supposed to symbolize how the insulin companies are fighting to rule over everyone with diabetes just like the families were fighting to rule over the people in Game of Thrones. 

  • NFT Diadragon collect

    This one is most familiar to people who experience diabetes,

    who can often feel like a Zombie when their blood sugar is low. When it's low they eat sugar or carbs to raise it back up! And some people still think people with diabetes can't eat sugar. It's a good thing there's a community to talk about it :)

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NFT merch Diadragon wings crypto punk cool cat

DiaDragons are Hatching on Word Diabetes Day!

Buy your dragon eggs before Sunday November 14th to watch them hatch at 3pm CST!
Eggs will hatch into one of a kind Diadragons that you can collect!

Buy Eggs

Watch the 2 minute back story of why Life Drops are important!

  • Meghan:Architect

    Constantly looking for ways to combine coding, art, and advocacy to do something good in the world.
    Fave part of the project: Writing the animation script and watching it come to life!

  • Emma: Artist

    Owner of type1toucan.com Emma brought the vision to live with her adorable dragon art. Dragons are inspired by her original Character Derek, who was built to make diabetes awarenes cute and relatable to different kinds of people

  • Nick: Lead developer

    Without Nick we wouldn't have survived our important switch from the Ethereum to Polygon network in time for World Diabetes day. He made sure Diadragons would be accessible to everyone and didn't let market changes stop the project.

  • Amy: Marketing Lead

    With years of experience in marketing and faced paced startups. Amy is the connection between the team of builders and our audience.

  • and many many more!

    Meet the rest of our team by dming the mods in discord!


Completed Milestones 

✔Upload Animation Backstory
✔Upload Mission Video
✔Run pre-sale contests and send prizes
✔Build share-able content for Diabetes awareness month
✔Mint ETH Dragons

Surprise milestones! 
When ETH gas surges our team doesn’t quit, we pivot.
✔Switch to Polygon to avoid gas fees.
✔Price adjustments and rewards for ETH dragon owners
✔Payment gateway for our FIAT natives

Completed Milestones Continued
✔Diadragons are featured in new channels ranging from Yahoo Finance  to NFT Culture. 

Health focused giveaways. 

10% sold out
First Life Drop Giveaway to test our identity verification strategy!

25% sold out
Community giveaways begin based on Diadragon Traits

50% sold out
More animations! We will create more animations like our intro video based on the decisions of our diadragon owners.
We will also create an animated video explaining how our donation system works featuring the most upvoted Diadragons.

100% Sold out

Building a Life Drop Dao.
Diadragons are the first step to making insulin more accessible and affordable but they are not the last.

We will work with our partners Thanisi Dilos and the team at Civics Unplugged to build a DAO to collect donations, and a token system to allow the funds to be utilized to purchase insulin in a way that involves less manual labor than our current life drops execution strategy.  


In our brainstorming channel on discord, there has been talk of a Diadragons meets flappy bird educational game. When we will sell out we will work to make this vision a reality. Intrigued to know how it would work? Jump into our Discord.