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Diadragons Mission, Challenges, and Prizes!

Diadragons was built with a Multifaceted Mission. 
Our biggest goal is to address the insulin crisis by enabling large organizations to donate insulin directly to individuals. But we have smaller goals to make an impact along the way. 

We built out the Diadragon Project to: 

1. Test out our model on a small scale to see if we can really gift insulin by verifying need and use of funds in a uniquely secure way. 

2. Build a community that is interested in using or supporting our solution. 

3. Sell art that promotes awareness on its own and brings joy to those who own and share it. 

4. Make a change in how the world talks about diabetes and provides resources to improve their day to day lives. 

Learn more details about our Mission in this Video Summary.: 


Compete in these challenges by spreading awareness between now and 10pm CST tomorrow! (World Diabetes Day!)

What's at stake? 

We'll have some prizes for the best of the best and some prizes given to random winners so that everyone has a chance to add to their Diadragon collection!

that 1st place -- An Apple Watch + 5 Diadragons
2nd place -- 5 Diadragons
3rd place -- 4 Diadragons

Randomly selected twitter post-- 3 Diadragons
Randomly selected quiz or meme-- 3 Diadragons
Randomly selected friend referral -- 3 Diadragons
Randomly Selected Diadragon Profile Picture: 3 Diadragons 

How to gain points and entries: 

There is no limit on the amount of entries per person, but you must post a link or share a screenshot in "contest entry" cannel on our discord to gain points. 

NFT Diadragon NFT collection

💙 Make the Diadragon emblem your profile picture on any platform and add this link to your bio. (+1 point per platform)  Right click to save the image to your computer

💙Share one of our prepared quizzes on your Instagram story and post results in the #shareable-content channel of our discord

(+15 points per quiz shared)

💙Fill out our poster template (Diabetic Version, Supporter Version)  tag Diadragons, and post it in the comments of the accounts highlighted in the "Twitter Raids" Discord Channel. All resources can be found in the "Sharable Content" Discord Channel (+5 points per post)

💙Tag @reesewitherspoon, @garyvee , @nickjonas and/or @andrewwang in your Diadragons Related Post  (+1 point per post)

💙Refer a friend who buys a Diadragon (+50 points per friend)

💙Make your own Diadragon post for others to share (+10 points for every time someone reposts your creation!)

Good Luck! Thanks for participating. We look forward to watching all of our eggs hatch tomorrow at 3pm CST!

If you haven't yet, check out the Diadragons backstory video! Maybe it could be one of your posts that you tag celebrities in!