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Diadragon NFT

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Welcome to the Diadragons family! 

At checkout, you will be asked for your Metamask wallet address. If you don't know what this is scroll down to the bottom of this page for instructions!

Your Diadragon egg will show up in your wallet at 8pm CST the day you purchase or the next day if you buy after 8pm CST.

At 3pm CST on World Diabetes Day (November 14th) it will hatch and you will get a one of a kind Diadragon! 

Every Diadragon represents a chance to win a Life Drop (year's supply of insulin & CGMs) as well as other unique prizes! These prizes will be based on traits so make sure to collect a variety by trading with friends! 

The team will be available for tech support in discord! 

Thank you for supporting us in our goals of 

1: Making direct donations for insulin possible. 

2: Spreading awareness in an adorable way. 

3: Bringing the diabetes discussion and education into the tech community

If you haven't seen our 2-minute animation, check it out below. 

It's a metaphor for the purpose of this project and is narrated by our amazing artist Emma from Type 1 Toucan! 


Metamask information!

Metamask is a free platform that allows you to store your unique digital art. You need one to receive your Diadragon egg. Once it's in your wallet we recommend you build an account on Opensea as well so you can watch it hatch on Sunday! Opensea is like an art gallery where you can buy, sell, and trade art! 

Once you make an account make sure you add Metamask as a chrome extension. 

Click on Metamask, and copy the number sequence under your username. This is your "public key" it's the one people can use to send you things! No one can use this information to take things out of your account so it's okay to share it wherever you like! 

How to find your metamask wallet address

Security precaution

Never EVER give someone your "private key" this is also a string of numbers and can only be accessed by clicking the three dots on the top right, going to account settings, clicking on export private key, and then entering your password. The private key will show up in red text. It's very complicated to find because it's something that people can use to take things out of your account. Do not share this information with anyone unless you want to share everything in your Metamask wallet with them. 

Metamask info