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What is MetaMask? Why do I need it to store NFTs? How do I use it?

You may have seen the metamask requirement at checkout and thought: 

What is Metamask used for exactly? 

Metamask is a digital wallet that is used to store cryptocurrencies and digital art (NFTS). It is extremely safe because it can only be accessed with your private key or secret recovery phrase. This is much harder to hack into than traditional passwords.

Having a metamask account is a requirement for purchasing an NFT because it connects to the more secure web-3 internet instead of the web-2 internet like gmail and google images. If you don't know much about web-3 and NFTs check out our blog: What is an NFT? What Can I do with my NFT? 

It is also the only way to connect your digital art to the most popular digital art gallery, opensea. This is where we will all watch our Diadragons hatch on Sunday! And where you will be able to buy and sell hatched Diadragons so you can collect your favorite styles! 

To use Metamask to start collecting digital art first download the free chrome extension

When you have set up an account and written down your recovery phrase. Click o on the chrome extension and copy your "public key" it should be listed under the name of your account. How to use metamask find public key

And that's it! 

This is like your mailing address. It's the address than anyone can use to send you things like digital art! If you've purchased a Diadragon and didn't fill out the metamask address during checkout, please email your address and order number to