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What is an NFT? What can I do with my NFT?

What is NFT art? 

It is a type of collectible art that is stored on the blockchain. It is not only art but acts as a key to give you access to different products, prizes, and social media channels. 

What is "the blockchain"?

The blockchain is a new internet the world is calling web-3. Instead of holding information on centralized servers where it can more likely be hacked or controlled by big organizations, information is stored on decentralized servers, meaning multiple computers store pieces of the same information. Therefore no one computer can control all of the data. 

Why store art on the blockchain? 

Traditional art can be copy and pasted over and over again until no one knows who the original owner or artist is. Therefore it has been impossible for art collectors to collect digital art. Because anyone can use art that is available on the internet. 

However, with art stored on the blockchain, also known as "NFTS" there is a way to verify who created and who owns what art. 

For example, if you look it up, you can tell that this art was made by "Cool Cats NFT" and is owned by "qwerty54" when you make your account you can name it whatever you want. Some people like to remain anonymous especially if they own expensive art like this collector.  

Because people can verify that they own a specific piece of art, they can interact with it in fun ways because it's an art piece that no one else has! 

What can I do with an NFT?  

There are two main ways people use NFTS. One is artistic use, and one is access. 

Artistic use of NFTS

The main artistic use of NFTs is using it as a profile picture on social media. People like to use NFTS to show what causes they support, what groups they are a part of, and as a way to protect their identity if they don't want to share photos of themselves. 

This Cool Cats owner not only used the NFT as his profile picture, but to protect the identity of his kids. Now he can share their cuteness without sharing their faces! 

Cool cats art family nft buy price floor outside  

This Cool Cat owner partnered with American Eagle to get their NFT displayed in Time Square during an NFT conference. 
Are Diadragons next? It would be a great way to spread awareness. 

Cool Cat Billboard Time Square NFT NYC art collection partnership

This Cool Cat owner ordered a Cool Cat rug from etsy. Remember that Diadragons can only be used for personal artistic use only. You can create in any way you like as long as you are not profiting off of the art. If you friends and fam want their own Diadragon art, have them buy their own Diadragon first! So everyone can have their own image that represents them <3. 

Luckily, Diadragons are only $30 so they are much more accessible than cool cats. 

Cool cat rug etsy

Access use of NFTS

NFT projects traditionally create in-person-events, merchandise, new art collections, and giveways that are only available to their NFT owners. 

The easiest example of how an NFT can be used for access is in our discord.

If you type "!join" in any channel you can automatically verify that you are a Diadragon owner! If you've already bought a Diadragon, try it out now! 

Things you can access as an owner of a Diadragon

1- Health-based giveaways: 

We've already given away 2 apple watches, a yoga mat, a cooking class and access to a CGM program. 

There will be more giveaways when your Diadragons hatch! These will be based on traits so make sure you collect Diadragons with a variety of traits! 

2- Life Drops: 

1/3 of our proceeds will always go to Life Drops. Randomly selected Diadragon owners will get the opportunity to use or gift a year's supply of insulin and CGM supplies. 

3- Future Access. 
We are currently working on building an insulin subsidy program that utilizes web 3. The Diadragon owners will be the first to access this service. 

We hope to someday build out the video game described in the brainstorming channel of our discord! (check it out, it's pretty cool) 

4-If you have an idea for something the community could do or build let us know in discord!